Why I Am Not LGBT+

Updated: 9/12/2017 | Photo Cred: (1)

Now before I start, let me clarify why I am writing this blog-post. This blog-post is not about hating those who are LGBT+ or judging people that are LGBT+. Rather, this blog-post is about why I am not LGBT+ and do not support the movement.

I do not hate those who identify as any part of the LGBT+ acronym which includes, but is not limited to lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, queers, intersexuals, and asexuals. In fact, I love them just as much as any other human being and ought to as God demands in the Bible (2). As you continue to read this blog-post, know that I write it because I love you, want you to consider the decisions you make in this life, and the life to come when this one is over.

I understand the major points concerning both sides of the debate and will try to avoid them in order to bring about new observations of the controversial issue at hand from a broader viewpoint. This blog-post was inspired by a lecture given by philosopher Ravi Zacharias (3), Dr. Michael Brown’s various publications on the subject (4), and an article written by philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig (5). With this in mind, let us dive into why I personally am not LGBT+ and why I do not support the movement.

1) The LGBT+ Movement Contradicts Evolutionary Theory

Let me first define the theory of evolution before going into this point. According to the website, http://darwin200.christs.cam.ac.uk/, the theory of evolution is

“evolutionary change [that] comes through the production of variation in each generation and differential survival of individuals with different combinations of these variable characters. Individuals with characteristics which increase their probability of survival will have more opportunities to reproduce and their offspring will also benefit from the heritable, advantageous character.”

Based off of this definition, evolution is essentially about advancing the human species by passing on the greatest genetic material from the previous generation to the next generation. The way this great genetic material is passed down from generation to generation is by sexual reproduction to produce offspring. Yet there’s only one problem: you need a female and a male to go about this vital aspect of life. Two females and two males cannot go about this absolutely essential part of evolution. They cannot pass on their genetic material onto the next generation no matter how much they try.

Now some of you may say “What about the other 450 species that show signs of homosexuality?” How do we account for homosexual traits found in other different species? Well, according to the BBC (6):

“We may never find a wild animal that is strictly homosexual in the way some humans are. But we can expect to find many more animals that don’t conform to traditional categories of sexual orientation. They are using sex to satisfy all sorts of needs, from simple pleasure to social advancement, and that means being flexible.”

In other words, these 450 species of animals are not homosexual or LGBT+ for that matter. But in rare cases, according to various studies, they display homosexual tendencies to fulfill other functions. These functions include, but are not limited to, making the opposite sex jealous by having intercourse with the same-sex in order to have intercourse with the opposite sex, sexual pleasure, and/or attaching either eggs or sperm onto another same-sex animal in its species in order to pass on that genetic material indirectly to the next generation with a superior opposite-sex animal.

The only animal that does display consistent amounts of homosexual and bisexual activity are sheep, which are known for being exceptionally dumb. To put it succinctly, if the animal kingdom was a drawer of knives, sheep would be the spoon. For instance, in Turkey there was a group of ranchers who left their sheep-gate open on accident when they went to go get breakfast.

One sheep from the flock led the rest of the 1,499 sheep out of the gated area and walked off a cliff. The result was about 400 dead sheep with 1,100 resting on top of the pile of crushed corpses at the bottom of the cliff. Needless to say, when it comes to sexuality, do not rely on the fact that sheep show signs of abnormal sexual activity because they are not exactly the brightest species in the animal kingdom.

If you are LGBT+, then you cannot believe the theory of evolution and live like you do. You will have to either deny the theory of evolution and embrace the LGBT+ movement or reject the LGBT+ movement and believe the theory of evolution. You cannot logically believe both because they contradict each other.

2) The LGBT+ Movement Blurs the Line Between Femininity & Masculinity

Another reason that I do not support the LGBT+ movement is because it demolishes human sexuality and redefines the two sexes which have always been female and male. Sex is a physical representation of an intimate, chemical bond that develops between the two biological sexes that seals their affection for each other. Biology, evolutionary theory, and sociology both reinforce the idea that there are only two sexes in the world: female and male. To say otherwise is to disagree with science.

In addition, various studies show that those who live an LGBT+ lifestyle are a lot more at risk for STD’s, AIDS, and so on due to the dangers of performing other ways of sexual intercourse like anal sex and oral sex for instance. In other words, our bodies were not meant for these sexual interactions and is the equivalent of brushing someone’s hair with a chair. They simply cause more harm than help in the long run.

With that said, have you ever noticed how most who are LGBT+ fully encompass the stereotypes of each sex? For example, how do you know for the most part that a woman is lesbian? Well, how do they act and present themselves? Some intentionally gain weight to look “strong” and pretend to be stronger than they really are, have stereotypical male haircuts, dress in male-oriented fashion, and so on to masquerade as men. The same can be said of homosexual men and transgenders. Well, that’s because they do not know who they are without normal biological sexual expressions, so they turn themselves into caricatures of the opposite-sex.

Although, when you do know your biological sex it helps guide you as to how you should live life. As a man, I know there are not just biological differences, but psychological and sociological differences as to how I am built compared to a woman. Yet I do not reject it, but I embrace my differences. As a matter of fact, it’s the differences between men and women that make life interesting!

To take a case in point, I think women are really confusing, but at the same time so enticing because they don’t act, look, or think like me. And that’s the way it should be. Loving one another despite our differences whether in a marital relationship with someone of the opposite-sex, familial relationships with the opposite-sex, or friendly relationships with the opposite-sex. Yet when that design is corrupted by the LGBT+ movement, it corrupts femininity and masculinity to the point of non-existence. Basically, the LGBT+ movement destroys the definitive qualities for each sex and a lack of identity is replaced with gender-specific stereotypes.

3) The LGBT+ Movement Contradicts the Bible

My final objection to the LGBT+ movement and why I do not support the movement is that it goes against what God entailed as good sexual relations in the beginning. When He created everything in the beginning, He created the first marriage and this has been the model for what marriage is since the beginning: one man + one woman = one flesh for life (7). Then as life went on, the world grew darker and God had to set commandments as to relationships that were not acceptable because everyone was having sex with everything. Another way you can look at this is a parent that builds a fence around their yard, so that their kids do not run into the street and get hit by a car. Meant as a sign of protection, rather than a symbol of discrimination.

These parameters set by God were given first to the Hebrew nation (8) to be an example to other secular nations and then for the rest of the world (9), yet the standard has always been the same for every human. This standard is clearly stated in Scripture as to what is wrong in the sight of God (10). Yes, in America a romantic LGBT+ relationship may be recognized as marriage, but not from God because it is not the biblical model of marriage. To summarize, a romantically committed relationship that is LGBT+ may be marriage in America, but is not the biblical model for marriage when contrasted with the Bible.

There is also the point to consider that real marriage is a representation of a more spiritual union between God and His church. In various passages in the Bible, the Church is often referred to as the Bride of Christ and that Jesus is essentially the groom in this union. When the LGBT+ movement comes into the Judeo-Christian church and tampers with this union by pigeonholing their sin into the sanctity of this relationship, it ruins everything.

Hence, I am not LGBT+ nor do I support the LGBT+ movement because it does not represent the union between God and His church. It contradicts almost every scientific field, while also blurring the natural distinctions between femininity and masculinity. Well those are my thoughts on the subject of the LGBT+ movement and I hope that this has somehow helped you. With that, Godspeed and Jesus bless!


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  11. Disclaimer

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