Blog Update: Fall 2016

Hey everyone, just wanted to update you on the state of my blog and what to look forward in the near future. Although I was supposed to release a blog-post I have almost done in September, I have been too busy at work and school to find time to research and write. So that next post will have to wait a bit longer until things die down and I have some more free time. I am in the process of writing two different blog posts and have more on the way that I intend to write to you shortly. Here is a quick bullet-point list of the next 5 blog posts that are coming soon to you in the upcoming months.


  • Discipled and How to Stay That Way: a quick look at what discipleship means after your mentor is done training you and the process there after.
  • Why Do People Die and Why Do We Care?: a quick, two-page response to one of my personal inquires that I’ve wrestled with in my personal life.
  • Mentors That Made Me A Man: An ongoing blog-post series that will focus on various mentors of mine, the lessons they taught me, and how they made the man I am today.
  • Why I Am Pro-Life: A blog-post that defends my belief in pro-life versus pro-choice that is based entirely on biological investigation and other scientific knowledge presently available.
  • Isolated Together: a reflection on how technology has changed humanity from being separated to now being overly connected through the advancements made in the last few decades.

Well, there you have it! The next 5 things I will be posting about in the near future (hopefully starting in October) that you get to look forward too for the time being. With that, Godspeed and Jesus bless!


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