Blog Update: 2017 Q1

Photo Cred: University of New England

Hello people that are reading this blog and want to read more. Just a quick update as to what to look forward to in the future. For those who may be unaware, I am a screenwriter and a huge part of screenwriting is watching a lot of films, in order to sharpen my craft by learning from other artists. So within the next year, you will see some blog-posts related to film analysis and film theory, possibly even screenwriting tips if I feel like it. So there is that to look forward to from me to you.

Also, now that I have finished my time at film school and am in the process of writing both a book and a feature film script, my ability to blog more often should increase if you have not noticed already. My aim is to release two blog-posts a month at the bare minimum, while working on both of those projects for the foreseeable future. Those two projects I mentioned previously I will eventually be posting about as well when I get farther along on them.

On another note, I will be posting about the sport Strongman that I regularly train for and books that I have read that I would recommend to those who are interested. These two avenues of writing will be even less frequent than the film blog-posts as this is primarily a Judeo-Christian blog about a Judeo-Christian, so that will be the central focus of the site. In addition, I have a couple of serialized blog-posts that I will continue like the “Why I Am” series, the “Mentors That Made Me A Man” series, and will start some new ones when the time is right.

For those who may be a bit curious, here is a list of the next few blog-posts you will be seeing in the near future and a rough estimate of when they will be released:

  • The Dark Knight: A Scene Analysis (February)
  • Mentors That Made Me A Man: Joel Wheelersberg (February)
  • Is the Holy Spirit a Girl? (March)
  • Mentors That Made Me A Man: Andrew Morrison (March)
  • What are the Essentials of Judeo-Christianity? (March or April)

So there you have it! A lot of fun and exciting blog-stuff for you all to look forward to reading down the road. I hope that this website points you to Christ as you follow the life of one of His followers just trying to be a good and faithful servant! With that, Godspeed and Jesus bless!


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