Psalm 12

Photo Cred: (1) | Updated: 4-10-2020

Here is a poem that I wrote on August 6th, 2019 that was inspired by Psalm 12. This was written during one of my daily devotionals through the book of Psalms.


Where are all of the godly?

All I see is the praise of folly.

They constantly lie.

Kindness will die.

But God is not mocked for he will have the final say.

They will get what they deserve on that final day.

We speak extremely evil words.

By way of 140 character birds.

Of this I am absolutely sure.

That God’s word is pure.

It’s always the foolish who pridefully strut.

God will preserve us from this sin-infested rut.


With that, Godspeed and Jesus bless.


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