Psalm 11

Photo Cred: (1) | Updated: 4-8-2020

Here is a poem that I wrote on August 4th, 2019 that was inspired by Psalm 11. This was written during one of my daily devotionals through the book of Psalms.


In God I take refuge for he is my shelter.

During dark days, my strong protector.

The evil bend their bows.

They aim them very slow.

At your servant’s feet.

At those who are meek.

They attack the upright.

Hunting shadows at night.

But in all of this our God is king.

Only he can remove death’s sting.

He is diligent in testing all things.

We await for the justice he brings.

He will judge all and some will stand tall.

Most will cling to favorite sins as they fall.

Then again, who will answer God’s call?


With that, Godspeed and Jesus bless.


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